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Meridian Cable has you covered when you need more than a single custom cable assembly. We create the ideal connection solutions for your business with impeccable engineering, careful craftsmanship, and incredibly speedy turnaround times. Our tailored bulk cable assemblies are just the ticket to supply your equipment with the power and signal it needs.


Whether you need just a few custom cable assemblies or a whole factory-full, we’ll build your bulk cable assemblies with precision and meticulous attention to detail. Our custom cable assemblies are the epitome of reliability and quality. You can count on us to craft your bulk cable assembly order carefully. 

Why Choose Meridian?

Since 1994, we’ve been a trusted source of quality wiring harnesses, cable assemblies, and more for industries worldwide. Since the day we opened our doors, we have held a commitment to quality products and superior manufacturing. We recognize that our cables help to connect the world through industries, across borders, and all over the place. 


Our customers can rest assured their cable solutions will be manufactured to the highest standard. Our engineers and technicians have multiple decades of experience and have developed prodigious skills in design and manufacturing. We are not bragging when we say our team is the best and the brightest in the business – It’s just the truth. 


With our dedication to industrial standards, outstanding team, and ultra-fast turnaround times, Meridian is the clear choice for bulk custom cable assemblies.  

Tailored Large Volume Cable Assemblies

Our forte is creating one-of-a-kind cable solutions that are completely customized. Our custom cable assemblies are meticulously designed down to the most minute detail. We are proficient in creating unique assemblies because we serve a wide range of industries with countless diverse equipment needs.


Every bulk cable assembly order has its own challenges, unique circumstances, specialized environments, etc. When we build a cable assembly, we start from the smallest details and work our way out. We can tailor a design with every feature and function your equipment requires. 


With over 5,000 options for terminals, shielding, insulation, conductive metals, sizes, and more, the possibilities for creating the ideal fit for your gear are nearly endless. 


When we create bulk custom cable assemblies, we can help keep everything organized with color-coded conductors, custom jacket options, and custom-molded material to ensure you always know what cable goes where. 


Whether you need a bulk order of the same cable assembly for your telecommunications facility or a sundry of assemblies for separate areas, we will tailor-make your order to fit just right. 

Built From the Conductor Out in Volume

Depending on your equipment and facility’s intricacies, you may need custom conductor sizes within your bulk cable assembly order. That’s no problem! Our custom conductor extrusion process allows us to build the conductor to the precise gauge you need for optimal signal or power transference. 


We begin with a raw, molten substance, like copper or another conductive alloy, and funnel it to form a massive cable spool. Once in this shape, we pull the larger metal cylinder into the exact size necessary for your cable. Developing custom cables from the wire out allows us to produce the optimal cable for your equipment and environment. 


This process also allows us to create custom stranding sizes, single-conductor extruded cables, and multiple-conductor extruded cables. With ultimate flexibility and customization, we’ll provide you with a genuinely bespoke cable solution. 

Ready to Install the Day It Arrives

Every cable assembly we create is put through the wringer to ensure top-notch quality, supreme functionality, and reliable durability. We do all the testing in our state-of-the-art testing lab before your order exits our facility. Not only does this rigorous protocol ensure a quality product, but it also helps create cable solutions that seamlessly integrate into your system. 


You can install your bulk cable assemblies immediately from the day they arrive. We’ve already poured over the details and gone over every inch with meticulous scrutiny to ensure you don’t have to worry about a thing when your package arrives. You can have complete confidence in your product because we’ve already poked and prodded every connection, conductor, and terminal to simplify your integration process and ensure premium quality. 

Crafted for Your Conditions

Over our multiple decades in the industry, we’ve built cables for all kinds of environments and conditions. An infinite spectrum of hazards, interference, or detriments to electrical cable functionality and security exists. When creating bulk cable assemblies, it’s essential to understand some of the risks and environmental factors that may come into play. 


During the design process, our team will gain a thorough understanding of the environment and potential hazards your cable assemblies may encounter. Once we know what we’re up against, we can build a cable tough enough to withstand anything in your workspace. 


We can design cables for noisy electronic environments, situations where moisture may be a factor, and dirty or dusty environments, like construction zones, outdoors, or other workspaces. As we build any project, we consider the conditions and environment where it will function. With premium materials, clever engineering, and optimized designs, we fabricate a product built for all your needs. 

UL Certified for Large Projects & Custom Cable Assemblies

We know quality matters to you, especially when ordering cable assemblies in bulk. Well, you don’t have to worry about the quality and safety of our products because we are proud to hold multiple UL certifications, assuring the best of quality and standards. Adhering to the most stringent industrial standards, we manufacture every cable assembly, wiring harness, and cable harness to the most exacting detail. 


Our manufacturing facilities, building materials, and staff are all held to the highest standard and placed under rigid scrutiny. Our customers can rest assured that their products are up to industry standards in manufacturing and functionality. We take pride in our work and strive to hold ourselves to elevated protocols to provide the best custom cable assemblies on the market. 

Scalable Cable Solutions

If you have a growing business, our cable assemblies scale with you. We offer premium bulk cable assembly production in a timely manner. One of the best parts of choosing Meridian for your cable assemblies is our ability to scale with your company. Even if you start with just a single cable assembly, we keep your unique assembly design on file to replicate the order easily in the future. In fact, we often have customers begin with one “tester” product and then reorder in bulk. 


We keep every order on file to have your assemblies readily available when you need them again. For industries that constantly require replacement cable assemblies, like the military or medical industries, having a reliable source that can produce high-quality products rapidly is essential. Reordering a bulk cable assembly order with Meridian is as easy as pie. 

Quality Assured for Large Volume Projects – Warranty Covered

We take pride in our work and strive to supply quality bulk cable assemblies your company can rely on. We are not just full of empty promises, however. We stand behind what we build and offer a one-year warranty that promises our products will be free of manufacturing issues. 


With this confidence in our cables, you can enjoy total peace of mind when you purchase large orders of cable assemblies. You can relax knowing our products are quality-assured and protected by warranty. We understand the importance of providing a product our customers can count on day in and day out. With our 1-year guarantee, you can trust our cables to be durable, reliable, functional, and top-notch. 

Our Expertise = Your Confidence 

Power cable experts, engineers, and technicians have sharp eyes on every process step. Our staff is comprised of folks with decades of experience in pinpointing precise problems, creating solutions, and crafting impeccable cables. You can trust our experts to build your cable assemblies with the utmost attention to detail and relentless discernment. 


Furthermore, our skilled technicians place every cable through our rigorous testing process in our state-of-the-art testing lab to ensure nothing but premium quality cables go out our door. By the time you receive your bulk cable assemblies, they’ve been put to every test under the sun so that you can enjoy total confidence in their performance.

It’ll Be There Before You Know It

After decades in the industry, we know a thing or two about quick turnaround times. Our process is down to a science to provide the best cables at a remarkably speedy rate. Naturally, any custom project needs some time to design and prototype your product. However, once we’ve built a prototype, your order is put into production and into our global logistics system in no time.


Plus, if we already have the designs, your bulk cable assembly order gets out the door even faster. 

Get Connected Today

With our dedication to quality, superior design expertise, and multiple decades of experience, you can count on us to provide the best custom cable assemblies on the market. Our team will help guide you through the entire process, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. 

Place an order for bulk cable assemblies with our team today.

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