custom wire harnessesMeridian Cable has been a custom cable assembly and wire harness production powerhouse since 1994. We’ve come a long way since the 90s, though. In today’s society of advanced technology, we’ve adapted to create highly intricate electrical systems to service a vast range of industries worldwide. 


Custom wire harnesses play a critical role in electrical systems. Our wire harnesses have been used to support connectivity, organize electrical components, and ensure seamless functionality for countless companies. We’ll explore the wonders of custom wire harness fabrication and the powerful possibilities they hold. 

The Custom Wire Harnes Explained

A wire harness is a collection of multiple wires and connectors assembled in a uniform arrangement. A wire harness provides efficient connectivity for multiple links within an electrical system. This efficient flow of signal and power enables complicated equipment to transfer information and electricity between components. 


Each custom wire harness has been meticulously designed for optimal performance and reliable connections. The intricacies and precise requirements mandate acute attention to detail with skilled engineering. 


Every wire harness must be functional, durable, and up to industry standards.

The Vital Role of Custom Tech Manufacturing

There are several benefits to creating a custom wiring apparatus. Nearly every industry can benefit from custom-made tech. Here are some of the many ways custom wire harnesses can be an asset to a company. 

One-of-a-Kind Solutions

Custom wire harness fabrication allows for precise and unique connection solutions. While there may be many off-the-shelf options, a custom wire harness will be tailored to the equipment and intended uses. Technicians can connect their gear with precision and specific intentionality with a custom harness. Though a prefabricated wire harness may get the job done, technicians often have to piece together multiple solutions for complete links. A custom-designed wire harness does not have that issue. 


Tailor-made wire harnesses can be adapted to your environment, unique equipment, specialty connections, and specific needs. 

Efficient Interconnectivity

Custom wire harnesses promote efficiency. Because it is custom engineered, a wire harness offers a streamlined integration with an electrical system. The risk of errors and misconnections is drastically decreased by creating a one-of-a-kind solution. This allows technicians to quickly and efficiently install and integrate the wiring for their equipment. 


The added efficient interconnectivity of a custom wire harness leads to more reliable connections, lessens the risk of operational failure, and can improve quality operations. The equipment can operate efficiently and effectively with a lesson risk of misconnections or faulty wiring. 

Elevated Performance

The improved efficiency promotes elevated performance. Because Meridian uses high-quality materials and components in our custom wire harnesses, we create connection solutions for optimal performance. Our custom wire harnesses contain wires, connectors, sheathing, and other hand-picked elements for a project. The benefit of our customization options is we can create a connection solution that enhances performance. 


We tailor the design to meet the challenges of your equipment and environment. Whether it’s an electronically noisy environment, intense temperatures, or contains other potential hazards, we can create a wire harness to perform in extreme conditions. 

Cost Effectiveness

Even though it’s a custom product, a wire harness can be more cost-effective than purchasing individual connections or multiple off-the-shelf options. While the initial cost may seem pricier, making the investment could save money in the long run. Eliminates the guesswork with integrating equipment. Because it’s tailor-made for the specific gear, there’s no need to piece together multiple options or risk faulty connections. 


Moreover, a custom wire harness reduces the material footprint. A custom wire harness provides one streamlined solution with the exact components necessary. Prefabricated options often have excess wiring, connectors, or molded pieces to add bulk and waste to your equipment. 

Intuitive, Time-Saving Installation

Creating a custom wiring solution is all about promoting efficiency and simplifying integration. Our customization options make it easy to install a new wire harness without the trial and error process. Our custom wire harnesses are assembled to be precise, intuitive, and seamlessly integrated with your equipment. This can be especially beneficial for industries where time is of the essence, like the military or medical field


Saving technicians time and promoting efficiency is an essential benefit of creating a custom wire harness with our team. Our innovative engineers intricately design the ideal answer to your wiring problems. 

Custom Wire Harness Fabrication Process

Fabricating a wire harness take many steps and deliberate engineering. At Meridian Cable, we’ve mastered the art of creating technologically complex wiring designs. We utilize tested and proven systems with every project we manufacture. We’ve been in the industry since 1994 and have developed the skills and processes for efficient and quality manufacturing. 


Every project is unique, but we have developed a system to create any wiring project for any industry. Every custom project will go through a series of exact processes, which we’ll highlight below.

Initial Setup and Communication with Your Team

We work closely with your team to develop a design for your wiring needs. We’ll determine the precise components and necessary elements for the optimal wiring configuration. Our team will gather essential information, such as intended use, required capacity, equipment specifications, and port composition. 


We begin with thorough communication and research to determine precisely what you need out of your custom wire harness. We carefully pour over every detail to ensure we get it just right. 

Intricate Design Phase

Once we have the relevant information, our engineering team will create a custom design. This process involves intricately drafting a wiring scheme with all components, capacity elements, molded pieces, conductors, terminals, and more. We will incorporate all these elements into a blueprint for your custom wiring harness. 


Designing a custom wire harness takes skill and expert knowledge. Our team boasts the best in their fields. Our engineering team is the best in the biz, with countless years of experience, hands-on knowledge, and wisdom. They put their skills to work to design viable wiring solutions with the most minute detail. 

Component Selection

Speaking of components, we offer over 5,000 unique features and elements to create a completely customized wiring harness. During the design phase, we’ll help plan every detail of your component selection for your connection scheme. With the ability to incorporate so many unique components, the possible combinations are plentiful, to say the least. 


Our team will help you select the precise and optimal components for your equipment, work environment, and connection needs. Our skilled staff has years of experience combining the correct elements to create high-quality, effective wire harnesses.

Digital Rendering

Before we ever create a physical product, we create a digital mock-up to start our testing process. This allows our team to identify and correct any design flaws before they happen in the real world. The best problems are the ones you never have to deal with. By creating a digital rendering of your design, we prevent misconnections, faulty plans, and damaged equipment from happening in the first place. 

Extensive Prototyping and Testing

Before we ever move to full-scale production, we build a prototype for testing. We’ll create a test version to ensure quality manufacturing, functional design, and efficient operation. Every cable assembly and wiring harness we build goes through our state-of-the-art testing lab, where we test the limits of your wire harness. We invest in the latest in testing and diagnostic technology to ensure every aspect of your design serves its intended purpose. 


If a wiring harness does not graduate our test lab, we’ll take it back to the drawing board for course correction. Our testing procedures hold our products to the highest industry standards. 

Full-Scale Assembly 

Skilled technicians will assemble the wire harness once the design and testing are complete. Our team carefully routes and bundles each component to match the digital rendering perfectly. The particular assembly involves skilled craftsmanship and attention to detail. Our team carefully aligns and organizes each piece before soldering and completing a wiring harness. 


Expert technicians and engineers closely monitor the assembly process. We have our eyes on a project every step of the way. We are proud of our product and do everything we can to ensure its quality and precision. 

In Your Hands, Before You Know It

Meridian Cable is proficient at creating custom wire harnesses and shipping them to you promptly. Of course, any custom project will take some time. However, our experience and proven process mean we get the job done quickly. With manufacturing facilities in both the US and China, we can boast a truly global logistics network to ensure our client’s supply chains are always supported. 

Get a Custom Wire Harness Project Started

Custom wiring harnesses are the backbone of countless industries worldwide. Meridian Cable is here to help fabricate the perfect wire harness for your project. We’ve been forerunners in the cable industry to create and adapt new and unique connection possibilities. We’ll create a one-of-a-kind solution that perfectly fits your equipment, work environment, and purposes. Contact our team for a custom wire harness solution today


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