Creating Custom Design Cables

Creating Your Own Custom Design Cables Manufacturing custom design cable on a small-scale. Working with a cable manufacturer to produce custom design cables for prototypes. When working on a small-scale project or making a prototype, it’s tempting to try your hand at electrical engineering. After all, you have likely contacted a few wiring and cabling… Continue Reading

Creating Custom Design Cables – When it’s Time to Work with a Manufacturer

Markings on Custom Cables

Understanding the colors and markings on your custom cabling. The basics of custom design cables’ markings and symbols, and what the Markings on Custom Cables mean for your product. Custom design cables may have a series of markings on them that are intended to denote their function and proper usage. As a cable customer, you… Continue Reading

Decoding The Markings on Your Custom Design Cables

Single and Multi-Stranded Wiring for Cable Assemblies

Ensuring that your manufacturer’s cable assembly meets your product’s specific design requirements. Determining the various differences and use cases for single strand and Multi-Stranded Wiring and conductors can be difficult. The difference isn’t a visible one, and with all of the variables in designing custom wiring, it’s not likely to be one that you and… Continue Reading

Will Single or Multi-Stranded Wiring Be Suited To Your Custom Cable Assembly?

Filler Materials Used in Custom Cables

When manufacturing custom cable, there is an array of options and specific choices that must be made. One of these choices is the Filler Materials for Custom Cables and understanding the filler that will be ideal for your product. Developing custom cable capable of handling your industry’s specific needs, increasing efficiency and maximizing budgets. Between… Continue Reading

What Are The Types of Filler Materials for Custom Cables?

The Best Wire Testing Techniques for Your Custom Cable Assembly

It can be difficult to in that your cable manufacturer offers and which ones will be best for assessing your product. Your guide to understanding the quality assurance testing options offered by your cable assembly manufacturer. Despite the effort and planning involved in developing and designing wiring products, no wiring system is ever truly tested… Continue Reading

Assessing the Wire Testing Techniques that are Best for Your Custom Cable Assembly

Coil Cord Design Product Comparison

Coil Cord Design Product Comparison – SJOW, SVO, and TPR

Your guide to choosing materials for your product’s coil cords. A Coil Cord Design Product Comparison allows you to choose materials for your product when comparing coiled cords and the jacketing required for them. It’s likely that you encountered a string of acronyms and had to make sense of them to decide which one would… Continue Reading

Have Peace of Mind Knowing That You’ve Chosen a Quality Coil Cord Design

Choosing a Quality Coil Cord Design

Choosing a custom cable can be difficult, but understanding the design and manufacturing process can ease that burden, giving your team peace of mind knowing that they’ve produced a quality product with a Quality Coil Cord Design.  Because a coiled cord’s quality can’t be determined visually, it can be tremendously difficult to determine which designers… Continue Reading